Portal Mindmapping tool

This brand-new application by Headcandy supports creative brainstorm sessions as a fully functional digital mindmapping tool. By drawing connection and links between specific topics, users can visualize and associate. Headcandy’s Mindmap Portal is the perfect way to awe your customers during brainstorms and, at the same time, being as productive as possible in this digital age. 

This innovative concept allows boardroom-wide brainstorm sessions to take place on a central touch display where everybody can participate from their seat. The intuitive interface allows participants to add topics, interconnect these topics and support them with imagery on the spot. Afterwards, all participants will be sent an email containing the result of a fruitful brainstorm session.

It features integrated search functionalities for effective image search and all the interactions possible with a Microsoft Surface Hub, like zooming, dragging swiping. Resulting creations can be saved in the cloud or emailed at the touch of a button. Furthermore, this application makes perfect use of its digital aspects by connecting external devices like smartphones seamlessly, enabling all participants in a session to add input like text and imagery from their seat, creating a truly immersive and cooperative experience.

Headcandy’s Portal is available by request in the Windows Store.