The cutting edge of holographic display technology, It conjures products to life instantly with holographic marketing features and 3D animations, allowing customers to connect in a powerful and unique way, ensuring your brand’s message is planted firmly in their memories.

Headcandy is specialized in creating unique and well thought through concepts for creating digital holographic experiences. Let your and our creativity tell a compelling story that differentiates your product, connects with your audience and let it command the attention your product needs.

Headcandy created multiple showcases for companies like Microsoft and Heineken International. With the introduction of Microsoft ’s Hololens at a future exposition Headcandy created an unique holographic experience which was fully controllable via the connected Surface tablet. In this case the combination of a digital experience and retrieving product information was captured into one solution. Perfect for showcasing and product introductions.

Headcandy’s most recent case was creating a showcase for the introduction of new flavors by Strongbow. Both flavors with an unique own branding identity which were translated into 3D animated content to display in the holographic unit. A great demo experience which was showcased at a global innovation event by Heineken International.

Captivate your audience in busy stores, malls and shows without skilled technicians. There is no compromise in the quality or creativity, just get your product to the biggest possible audience quickly and reliably.